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the eVO 300 delivers pristine performance with its 5-step magnification changer and viewing tubes with high eye-relief, ensuring comfort over lengthier procedures. this model offers a more compact housing, and an efficient 20-watt halogen transmitted light illumination source reduces the need for frequent bulb change. the eVO 400 shares a common optical platform with the eVO 300, but offers a tower style slit projection system that will tilt 20 degrees while delivering crisp images and razor sharp slit projection along the X and Y direction.

the eVO 300 and eVO 400 introduce greater value for the office, thanks to seamlessly integrated beam splitters, making both systems digital-ready on day one. the integration of beam splitter keeps the magnichanger’s footprint compact, ensuring comfort for the user. a goldmann tonometer (R-type and t-type) accessory with plug-and-play mounting promises precision in alignment and contact for accurate iOp readings. an optional diffuser filter kit can be introduced in the optical path for more enhanced region-of-interest illumination for more brilliant photography. all optics are lead-free and contact surfaces are treated with antimicrobial paint. patient chinrest is made of non-toxic and anti-irritation materials, promising safety for both professionals and patients alike.

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